Waterproof Whisky



‘Water’ because we have plenty and it is essential to whisky-making.

‘Proof’ because it is the old spirit strength measuring scale. Once strength was ‘proven’ with gunpowder – later with a more peaceful hydrometer. In 1980 British Proof Spirit changed to Alcohol Percentage.

‘WaterProof’ because it is sensible outdoor wear and this whisky is bottled at higher strength and can handle water.

WaterProof Whisky - Love it when it's pouring.




WATERPROOF is a Sherry-influenced malt whisky from a handful of top distilleries, batch bottled at higher than normal strength.

The name and looks are inspired by 'Water' and 'Strength' (Proof) and by the Scottish inventor of the much-needed raincoat (the Mac), Charles Macintosh.



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WaterProof Whisky
Thank you for your interest in our competition. The prize: 1 very rare jerry can, fully equipped incl. bottle. Of course oak is used inside for shelving. The jerry can is one of only 30 in existence. Not for sale. To win? ...something about following, retweeting & tagging.
WaterProof Whisky
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WaterProof Whisky
Proud to be nominated amongst some fine fellow blended malts such as Big Peat, Malt Riot and Clydebuilt. No matter who wins tonight we social distance celebrate. Keeping about 7 1/2 bottles(lying down) apart and watching online. #iloveawardshows #maltwhisky #scottishwhiskyawards
WaterProof Whisky
"A comfortably reassuring armchair dram which I'd happily sink a couple of" said whisky writer Dave Broom. Time for a seat and a glass of WaterProof Whisky. #thespiritoftheoutdoors #armchairspirit Media Source: unsplash.com/photos/B3wTMsz… Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash