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You can email us at pouring@waterproofwhisky.com or connect with us on your favourite social channel.

We are active on Instagram & Twitter so hook up with us and let us know if you also love it when it's pouring!!

Waterproof is MacDuff international product. Find out more about us and our other award winning brands at macduffinternational.com.


WaterProof Whisky
Packing supplies is almost the most important part of any trip. And remember... Winter is coming. #scotch #travel #whisky #spiritoftheoutdoors #winteriscoming
WaterProof Whisky
100% malt from a handful of top tier distilleries making it versatile and complex. Some enjoy it neat or with water or ice, but for cocktail inspirations have a look at waterproofwhisky.com - - - #waterproof #spiritoftheoutdoors #rain #whisky
WaterProof Whisky
Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including various types of acid. Try WaterProof neat or with water to unlock more flavours, but please do not involve any types of acid (other than an orange peel perhaps). . . . #whisky #acidity #TheSpiritOfTheOutdoors
WaterProof Whisky
Customs & Excise officers used to measure the proof spirit at distilleries. Oh the stories they could tell… Actually, we have collected some on waterproofwhisky.com and promised to keep the sources anonymous. . . . #customs&excise #whisky #maltwhisky #storytelling #proof