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You can email us at pouring@waterproofwhisky.com or connect with us on your favourite social channel.

We are active on Instagram & Twitter so hook up with us and let us know if you also love it when it's pouring!!

Waterproof is MacDuff international product. Find out more about us and our other award winning brands at macduffinternational.com.


WaterProof Whisky
Enjoying the weather? On our website we have gathered quite a number of words for rain or downpour. Do you know them all? Or can you maybe add to the list? waterproofwhisky.com
WaterProof Whisky
Sorry, the earlier tweet referring to the first duty free distillery was from our brand manager who has been reprimanded and offered off shore residence with only limited supplies of WaterProof Malt - Happy April's Fools Day
WaterProof Whisky
We have purchased a disused oil rig in the North Sea. Exposed to the raging elements in international waters and testing all kinds of waterproof we will be building the world's first duty free distillery.
WaterProof Whisky
The name, WaterProof, holds more than just one que: ‘Proof’ because it is the old spirit strength measuring scale. Once strength was ‘proven’ with gunpowder – later with a more peaceful hydrometer. In 1980 British Proof Spirit changed to Alcohol Percentage #whisky #hydrometer