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You can email us at pouring@waterproofwhisky.com or connect with us on your favourite social channel.

We are active on Instagram & Twitter so hook up with us and let us know if you also love it when it's pouring!!

Waterproof is MacDuff international product. Find out more about us and our other award winning brands at macduffinternational.com.


WaterProof Whisky
Walking in the Ural mountains missing WaterProof? Pop by local Lion supermarkets. Also available in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and many other places through X5, Norman, Utkonos, Bakhetle, Globus & Krasnoe Source: unsplash.com/photos/5gA3Ob-… Photo by Aleksei Zaitcev on Unsplash
WaterProof Whisky
With a fantastic team and skillset, and of course an office address in the city that averages 129 days of rainfall per year, we are proud to announce the appointment of our German distributor Hellwege Spirituosen based in Hamburg. #PortOfHamburg #SherriedMalt #BraveTheRain
WaterProof Whisky
We are proud to announce a watertight partnership in the Netherlands with esteemed Disaronno International B.V. as the exclusive importer and distributor of our award-winning WaterProof Malt. Media Source: unsplash.com/photos/O-wN5LK… Photo by Dana Marin (Amsterdamian) on Unsplash
WaterProof Whisky
Apologies for the earlier April 1st tweets. We have an over-zealous April Fool's enthusiast in the office... #StayingSherried #TheSpiritOfTheOutdoors Media Source: unsplash.com/photos/NT-SZNV… Photo by Charles Tyler on Unsplash