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Waterproof is MacDuff international product. Find out more about us and our other award winning brands at macduffinternational.com.


WaterProof Whisky
On this Burns Night we hope you have succeeded in your haggis hunting, but remember... no haggis, neeps and tatties without the whisky. #burnsnight #haggis #thespiritoftheoutdoors Media Source: unsplash.com/photos/SagZ604… Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash
WaterProof Whisky
Happy New Year Never drink more on New Year's Eve than you can go hill climbing the next day (that's today). Of course you decide which hill. Molehills might be a challenge today. #TheSpiritOfTheOutdoors Media Source: unsplash.com/photos/0yqPS7_… Photo by Gerald Berliner on Unsplash
WaterProof Whisky
Happy Hogmanay. Social distancing may challenge first-footing this year. If you get to go - remember to bring the good stuff. #WhiskyForTheHosts #WhiskyForTheGuests #BringCoalAlso #HappyNewYear #AuldLangSyne #firstfooting=visitingfriends/familyaftermidnightonNewYear'sEve
WaterProof Whisky
Look at the size of that tree. There is room for a bottle and more under there. Brave the rain or snow and please enjoy the pour responsibly. Merry Christmas #SizeMatters #ThatDramIsSmall #SpiritOfTheOutdoors #WeLoveItWhenItsPouring #MerryChristmas